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OFFERMANN places great importance on customer privacy, and hence we composed a set of policies on the protection of privacy matters. When using our website, please carefully read and follow the content regarding our privacy policies. OFFERMANN reserves the right to amend the policy contents. We will post relevant announcements on our website to inform you of your rights when we make large scale changes to regulations on personal information. The amended policies will be in effect once the announcement is made.


Applicable areas for our privacy protection policies

Users of this website must agree with our policies. If you do not agree with the policies, then you shall not use the website. When using this website, you shall not delete or alter any copyrights, logos or any materials with exclusive rights declarations. Unless otherwise specified by this website, any visible or legible material (including pictures, photos, illustrations, icons, texts, photographic montages, book covers and other materials) displayed on this website are copyrighted materials and are under the protection of international copyright laws.
OFFERMANN respects the privacy of every internet user, and hence any information you have provided with us online will not be shared with third parties. When browsing OFFERMANN websites, we will collect some information to improve your experiences and help us provide you with better services. We will only ask for a voluntary submission of personal identification when you have a suggestion to make about our website or to make any inquiry. OFFERMANN will not sell or loan your personal identification with any individual.


Browsing Cookies

Cookies are a form of technology used by website servers to communicate with the users’ web-browser. It will allow the users’ computer to store certain information. The use of Cookies has become an industrial standard in website management, and is used by many websites. You can accept or refuse all Cookies using settings on your web browser, or to receive notice when the website is using Cookies. To facilitate our users, this website may contain Cookies to help us recognize our clients. This technology can help this website collect information on how and when you are visiting our website, which will be used to help us improve our website and provide more suitable services to your needs.



This website can only be used as a form of general information and will not be used for financial purposes or other inquiries. OFFERMANN will ensure that information on the website is complete, but will not guarantee that the function of the website is free from errors, or that the website or website servers are free from viruses or other harmful elements. If the use of website resulted in a need to repair or replacement of property, material, equipment or data, OFFERMANN will not be held responsible for the resulting fees.


Copyright and Logos

This website and all copyrights, logos and service trademark (collective called “trademark”) is protected by 2011 OFFERMANN © Copyright. OFFERMANN reserves all rights to the trademark.
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